Hole through the rim, broken chains..

August 16, 2010 Sungwoo 0 Comments

Today I met up with Briggs to stack clips for Allcity, quite a few interesting things happened along the way.

Day started out REALLY hot, I grinded down a ledge, lost my balance, couldn't hop off in time, and grinded into a skatestopper.

Oddly enough, it isn't making any difference to the way the wheel rides, probably because it's so busted already anyway haha.  I think I need new wheels, BAD.

We then met up with Finn and chilled for a bit, continued filming a couple more shots.
These two don't like me too much because I'm Asian..
My bike doesn't like me much either I'd assume.

I got a couple good lines in, overall was a good day.  REALLY humid and disgusting though.

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