Day out riding

August 31, 2010 Sungwoo 0 Comments

Today I met up with one of my best buddies Michael back home in Vancouver after he got off work.  we took the skytrain out to Stanley park to ride around and rode around downtown for a bit afterwards as well.

I took a nasty spill while hopping onto a really long 3stair, each stair wasn't high but like at least!!!! 3 times longer than the average stair.  I rode up fine a few times and the one time I dipped the front end down just a tad too low, clipped the edge of the top stair and flipped over the bike.  I've been away from my bike for a while and I was pretty tired from riding around, so this was kind of a bummer.. but it happens, right?  I bailed literally no more than 5 feet in front of an old couple walking by and they were terrified, but quickly realized I was okay since I was laughing as I was rolling to a stop haha.  They asked if I was alright, I just let them know it's nothing new to me and they just seemed content to know they didn't have to deal with a kid breaking his head open in front of them haha..

I just got up and rode back toward Michael and my left hand was in a LOT of pain, and it still is.. I know it's not broken, and it'll probably be fine in a couple days, but as of right now, it hurts to put any force on the thumb.

Anyways, we took one single photo of me jumping some stairs because I forgot my SD card in my computer, and the internal memory thing on my camera could only fit one picture haha.... but then I didn't bring the cable home from Toronto, so I can't get that picture out either haha.  It was kind of dark anyway though, maybe I'll post that picture sometime in the future if I remember to even take it out!

Here are two pictures we got from today.

Was a fun night of riding, just a relaxing and fun ride, dinner (we both had burger/fries and an individual pizza each, and the waitress looked at us funny..) then we headed back onto the skytrain just as it started raining.  Michael's been my best bud since middle school and I always enjoy hanging out with the dude!

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