Nissan Fest 2014

April 21, 2014 Sungwoo 0 Comments

So I've been bustin my ass off alongside the Death Squad boys in order to get my wheels finished in time for the once-a-year event.  We got her fitted in the morning of the day I left for the states and have overcome some hurdles along the way, but I made it there in one piece and enjoyed the show.

It's been a super hectic weekend for Diana and myself having to deal with my bumper exploding and my differential giving up on the highway at midnight in the middle of nowhere.  So after everything was said and done and we made it to Nissan Fest, I didn't bother taking too many pictures.  I just wanted to relax a bit for once during this weekend haha.  But nonetheless, here are some shots I've taken.

Josh Reading's Death Squad R33 Sedan.  The fitment on this thing is just incredible, makes me really want to slam my R34 sedan so I can have the opportunity to drive on the same street with him once in a while without being laughed at..

2JZ 350Z and our very own import model Jordan Dimoff.  This engine fit so nicely in this thing, looked as if the car was designed around this engine.  Very clean build!

It's always a pleasure seeing DPOMPS' S13.  This beauty never fails to amaze me.  Everything on this car is just absolutely stunning.
Mitchell's R32 Sedan freshly painted by Candy Autobody.  Steve did an amazing job painting this beast!

And here is my R34.. Not as clean as she used to be, but still beautiful in my eyes :P

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