School's done, bike update.

December 20, 2011 Sungwoo 0 Comments

Alright, I've had one of the busiest couple of months of my life so far, but this semester is finally over, so I can focus a little bit more on bike stuffs and posting updates on this little blog of mine before I head off to Vancouver.

A few weeks ago I received some new Spike components from Yang.  I took them over to my buddy Sam at his new shop Chill n Go Cycles, and he built them up to a fresh set of MTX33's.

Brand new set of wheels ready to be abused!

My bike patiently waiting for its new parts

Sam giving it a quick once-over

Sam's chihuahua Tony.  One of the cutest dogs I've encountered!

All set to go, being steam cleaned!

Big thanks to Yang for hooking it up with some new components!  Also to Sam for getting my new wheels all set to go on such short notice!

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