I've finally done it..

November 14, 2011 Sungwoo 2 Comments

I've finally done it, I've taken the beautiful Breakbrake17 Charmer and made it somewhat weird looking..

Breakbrake17 Charmer Frankenstein

I've had this suspension fork lying around for quite some time now, and this idea in my mind for just as long.  Finally got around to putting in the effort to put it on and I must say, it's funny looking, no doubt.  It feels just as funny to ride as well haha.  But I gotta tell ya, there's cush for DAYS!

Breakbrake17 Charmer Frankenstein

This was obviously a joke, it's a shitty old fork I've had lying around, paint matched my bike, so why not haha. It's not staying this way for long, but I'm done filming with Misha for my edit, so there's no rush putting the normal fork back on either haha :P

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