My bikes: Mini-fast track/clown bike

September 24, 2011 Sungwoo 2 Comments

My bikes

So this is just a little project bike that I've been wanting to do for at least a year and a half actually.  I've had these track drops just lying around from my old bike, so I wanted to build this funny bike with it.  I've just been waiting for the right kids bike to pop up on craigslist since then.

My bikes

After finding the right bike and getting a few more parts together, it was literally a 15 minute conversion.  Does this thing look amazing?  Yes.  Is it ridable?  Yes.  The day after I built it, I literally rode it around for roughly 6 hours running errands on it.  Why?  I dunno, it was fun at the time so I just kept riding it.  Next day though, my entire shoulders/arms/back/neck were useless.

I don't think I've ever ridden it since haha.

Anyways, this concludes the series explaining my bikes :)  Hope it was enjoyable! :D

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  1. Would you consider selling those drop bars?

  2. I think I'm gonna hold on them for the time being. Never know if I'll need them :P