Back on bikes

June 28, 2011 Sungwoo 0 Comments

The past couple of months has been super hectic due to school and work.  I had my final exam for this semester today, and classes don't start again until next Monday.  I get a whole half of a week off!  I met up with some locals and not so locals and rode a bit tonight!  A couple pictures as proof!

This Cam character is a local freewheel ripper. He grew up riding mountain bikes and now has this vintage frame set up with some really nice parts and doing some sweet manuals/nose pivots/fakies.  It's kinda cool seeing different things now and then!

This is Phillip.  First time meeting him, and I realized just now that I really don't have any pictures of him to show his face haha.  But here he is with the new Allcity bars on his Thrasher.  He's got a pretty legit bmx background and is already pullin' off super clean 3taps just after 2 weeks of riding fixed!

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