Tom vs. rail

January 27, 2011 Sungwoo 0 Comments


Ever since getting his Volume Vandal, Tom seems to have been feeling more comfortable with double peg grinds.  One of the biggest advantages of negative BB drop is the ability to do proper double peg grinds.  And Here Tom's having a go at an uprail.  


I saw on his blog today that he was eyeing an uprail, so I sent a text his way if he wanted to give it a go today.  I also got a new camera body and lens, so I wanted to experiment as well.  I used these cheap optical slave flashes I mentioned before.  Yuou can't adjust the flash output or angle or anything, but I managed to find some places to put them and the distance was just enough for them to pick up the light from my camera haha. I want some proper gear, NOW!

Anyways, he was getting pretty close to ending up past the rails, and a few times he fakie grinded back down and rode out.  However, it was getting too cold (for me, standing on snow..), so we called it a night for now.  I'm sure he's stoked to go back soon and complete this rail as he's gotten comfortable with getting up on it no problem!




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