Long time no sesh!

January 25, 2011 Sungwoo 0 Comments


As I've mentioned numerous times, I've been pretty busy with school lately.  That combined with the fact that it's been stupid cold out, I haven't really ridden my "trick" bike much lately (I know, I suck!!).  Well yesterday while I was working on catching up on missed work haha, Finn asked me to ride with him and it was just what I needed at the moment.  We met up to grab a quick dinner and proceeded to sesh for a while in the usual underground parking lot.

Delicious steak burrito and nacho chips:
DSC_0002  DSC_0004

Finn the lumberjack:

Tom showed up SUPER fast so his head literally went zoom zoom:

Finn's one-footed wheelie:
He's been working on them little by little and it's quite inspiring to see his distances increase as he puts more and more work into it!

Finn and Tom:

Tom's fork:

Just in case anyone was wondering..  When I go out to "sesh" I NEVER EVER ride.  I just go and take pictures from the side.  Half the time they don't even know that I showed up, I just sneak up, take photos and leave.  :)

A few more pictures on my Flickr!

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