Busy busy busy busy busy

January 21, 2011 Sungwoo 0 Comments

I had a pretty relaxing break back home, came back to Toronto and school started up again at full freaking speed.  I've been buried under a crapload of work already so haven't been doing too much bikes wise.  It's okay though, it's not like I'm missing out on beautiful weather or anything right now: the snow/slush/wind/cold has gotten to me.  Another disgusting fact is that Toronto dumps way too much salt everywhere.  Even on parts that the snow has melted, you see huge chunks of salt everywhere.  It rusts everything, and tastes gross when salty slush gets thrown up into your face.

Here's some rust on my winter bike :(

You can't fully see it in this second picture, but the chain is completely rusted on the inside haha.  It's purple outside, brown inside.

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