Back online!

December 14, 2010 Sungwoo 4 Comments

Sorry everyone, my blog disappeared for a while when a bug occurred on Blogger's end I believe.  I don't really know the whole story, but I'm just happy to have my blog back!

After a day and a bit, I was able to view my blog and its contents/stats again, which was a great relief.  I was worried I'd lose everything.

While it was still down, but accessible for me, I procrastinated from my studies a bit and redesigned the blog.  I was planning on doing so over the Christmas break, but I figured this would be a better time since I wouldn't be fiddling around with the blog while it was online, y'know?  Anyways, it's nothing professional, but I like it.  I wasn't very satisfied with how everything just cluttered onto the main page.  I had added a thing here and there over time and it all collaborated into this giant clutter.  I've cleaned up the blog, made it much more simple and clean.  Much easier to focus on the actual content, not the mess around it.  I hope it's still easy to navigate around, I'll till be updating things from time to time, so keep checking back for more improvements! :)

Anyways, it's great to be back with a new look!  Tell everyone that Constant Revolution is back online! ;)

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  1. I think i like the old setup more :o

  2. Haha yeah I've been getting mixed responses but I'm feelin' this much better, clean and simple. So uh.. You'll have to get used to it buddy ;)

  3. i think it there was a header itd all be brought together though... still fun content though. just grinding your gear[s]

  4. Yeah I hear ya, I know what you mean, but this has grown on me more and more, and I wanted a blog that looked different, y'know? And only one gear here buddy ;) No need for the [s] :P