Silly rain

October 13, 2010 Sungwoo 0 Comments

So just before heading out for my class this evening I thought to myself "Should I wear my rain jacket and bring a fender..? Naaaaaah"

Not even a minute into my ride, it starts to sprinkling.. Now I wonder if I should head back, or if it's even worth the trouble. Within the next minute, it's full out pouring rain and I'm already soaked. By the time I get to class, My jacket's soaked through, my jeans were different colours on the front and back, and my butt was definitely wet from the lack of a rear fender.

After class I met up with Cecilia for some Popeyes Chicken, and this is what I looked like by the time I got there.

Soaked in the front.

Kinda of dry with pee stain on my pants.

A split down the side of wet and dry haha.

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