Black vs silver

October 01, 2010 Sungwoo 2 Comments

The silver wheel with no profile at all made my rear wheel/tire combo look about half the size as my front, so I didn't like it much at all.  I painted the rear rim black the other day and BAM it's much better :)

Here's what it looked like with the silver rim:

Amirite? Amirite?!  I also raised the seat up slightly.  Changing my ratio a little harder, and riding 60km on a raised seat kinda messed with my riding capabilities.  So I feel like a total noob again!

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  1. Nice. How much did it cost to build this?

  2. The bike whole bike?

    Umm, the parts are pretty much all transferred over from my old Dropout frame, and on that build I believe I ended up spending around $1400-1500?