Safety first

September 19, 2010 Sungwoo 2 Comments

Earlier this week I picked up a helmet, finally.  I've been meaning to start wearing a helmet for quite some time now, but have just been lazy, and have always hated wearing helmets (or any sort of hats for that matter).  Well, I can tell ya that I definitely feel safer already, and hopefully will be more willing to bust up some big tricks once my bike is rideable once again!

Oh, why is my bike not rideable you ask?  my rear wheel has been really shaking things up for the past few months (literally).  And it finally decided to die this weekend.  Silly bike parts.

Also, I need more stickers. :D

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  1. What kind of helmet is it? like brand/model. And how are you liking it? because i need to get one also

  2. Oops, it is a Giro Section. The outer shell is molded with the inner foam so it's very light! Unfortunately it's not a multi-impact helmet, but they're pretty comfy and look alright!