Last day in Vancouver

September 11, 2010 Sungwoo 1 Comments

My last day in Vancouver, I met up with one of my closest friends, Michael, for most of the day and hung out with him and one of his school buddies.

Kind of a wacky day but this is basically how it went.

We were supposed to meet at a mall in downtown Vancouver because I needed to drop by the Apple store regarding my broken iPhone 3-SUPERSLOW-G.  We waited a bit, and Apple replaced my phone for me.

Next we headed over to the Vancouver Olympic torch thing (y'know the one that failed during the opening ceremony?) because I wanted to film a couple lines there.  Problem: my wheels suck.  I trued my wheels in the skytrain, on my way to the mall.  My rear wheel is caved in in multiple spots, so I guess in tightening the spokes to compensate for the caving in, the spokes ended up being pulled too far into the eyelets of the rims.  I had several spokes hanging out right by the tube.  After a SINGLE bunnyhop up a 3set, I had an instant flat.  I replaced the tube with an extra I had, then convered the eyelets with a combination of bandaids and paper, all I could get my hands on.  I don't have any pictures right now, but there's 5 or 6 bandaids in my rear wheel.  I need new wheels bad. haha

Anyways, after replacing the tube, we walked over to the closest bike rental place and borrowed a pump, they liked my bike and while I was talking with them for a little while about my bike, my friends found a scooter rental place just a couple doors down, and so we ended up renting scooters for an hour.  It was totally random, but came in under $30, and was MAD fun.

After this random nonsense, we grabbed some food at the mall, headed back to the torch statue thing, and got kicked out by security right away.  Then couldn't really find any other places, so I got a couple clips and called it a day.

On our way home we dropped by a bowling alley (which we went to a couple days prior to) and just played pinball for about 2 hours and headed home.


It was definitely nice to be back home with family and old friends, but maaan I don't even think there's a fgfs scene there..  I remember in April when I asked on Fixed Vancouver whether or not anyone would want to meet up.  I got scolded and received a pm from a young fella who seemed embarrassed to be doing tricks on fixed gear bikes.

It's gonna suck to move back here after being part of such a dynamic scene here in Toronto for so long!

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  1. dudeeee
    i expected you to be on a bigger bike
    but scooterrr?!!!
    that one is for me!! hahha