Vancity Snow Day

Once a year Vancouver gets one load of snow which clears up completely by Christmas time.  Nobody prepares for it, and thus everyone freaks out and we get put in this gridlock of horrified drivers.

There are a few of us however who just can't let a day like this go to waste.  I present you with a bunch of dudes having fun in the snow:

Molybdenite Ridge

This was a trip of a life time.  Big thanks to Eric Webber for inviting me out.  I got to meet some new faces and catch up with old friends also.  Bunniest part is literally everyone of us had previously owned or still own silly low toy cars.  It's nice to be able to spend time together with those chaps in an environment different from the usual car show/meet/drift events..

Words can't really describe the thrill and excitement of driving up to one of the highest points you can drive to in BC, so I'll let the video and pictures do all the talking.  Just know that I was genuinely scared in some areas and would NEVER have gone through with this trip if it wasn't for such an amazing group of people!

Sorry for the photo dump, no not really.  Such an amazing trip!

Chehalis Lake - Take 2

August long weekend.  Long weekend.  Weekend..  They all just creep up on ya don't they?  John, Rene, Diana, and I have decided to get away for the August long weekend about a month ago.. It wasn't until the day before the weekend that we finalized on a plan and we had to hope for the best since absolutely everything was either booked or cost $400+ per night.

With the clock winding down, I decided to take them over to Chehalis Lake, I had really enjoyed it last time and I was able to semi-arrange with a friend of mine that would stay there the previous night and move on, worst case scenario we'd take their spot.  Although we didn't get to meet up with them, we found an awesome secluded spot amongst the crowd and had a very relaxing weekend!

We couldn't be happier with how the weekend went, and I definitely can't wait to visit again!